Like An Adult

Listen to two almost adults try to figure out what it means to be an adult. Chris Ferdinandson and Mike Nordstrom are two bay area comedians who share stories and observations along with a new special guest every week . Join them on their hilarious trip to becoming adults.

Joined by Kyle Morrisey, Case Koenig and Cody Abe for the record of most people intentionally on the podcast at once.

Kyle keeps a secret in till the very end of the podcast, Case thinks his wife might be the one, and Cody tells us a sad story! make sure you listen and share with friends.

Icon Josh Argyle is back on the podcast and it gets out of hand, we talk about PT cruisers, annoying lifter Jesus, and a smoking baby and a lot more, make sure you give it a listen. 

We are joined by artist and ukulele player NovaStarr Nelson where she try's to teach Mike to play an instrument, talk about swimming and improvise songs about rooster teeth.


Her website

This the podcast is taken over by the Dawgs, Matt Fredrich and Finn Weeks, mikes lifelong friends and ex co hosts  of Missinformed Conclusions. This is a wild episode where we talk about how to pee, Anklets , hot topic and mikes past.

We are joined by Super Star Martian Marrufo and we talk about where we where when we heard the news of Kobe's death, chipotle employees, pet fish, and Mike gets furious over Chris's new idea involving feet.   

Chris and Mike talk about the progress they have made in coming adults in the last year, THEN at around 20 minutes in they break down the TOP 15 moments of the podcast, its a pretty big deal. See what moments made the list and tell us what moments you think should've made it in

ooooowweeeeeee  we are joined by Vishal Kal and we talk about goin to jail, blacking out, and becoming an adult.

We are joined by Tanner Chambers from Amber and Tanner in the morning Radio show on Froggy 92.9, and we talk about his start in radio, living in his car, how Standup comedy works and Abraham Lincoln: vampire slayer.

We are joined by James Rowan and he tells us how pretty and successful he is and it works, he charms the shit out everyone. We talk about him getting impeached as student body president for weed, narcs, the 2020 election, and James Rowan.

we have our wacky guy friend Kelly Evans on the cast, and we delve into the darkness of addiction, selling ghosts, drake, middle school cucks and more all with mics turned off and baby screams in the background.

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